Imagine a full boil of pain
your Goddess thrashing in
this joyful captivity.

Turn away – the screaming is just
unbearable and nobody’s sure
how to save her.

We are dealing with this cruelty.
My own pain is a shredder of fuzzy self-awareness;
uncomfortable and more abstract.

Accept responsibility for the slaughtered
wife consumed with no language –
biologically a spectacle.

Look at the unhappy beauty
you line up for. We are
confused by morality.

I see myself finally
right along the water. Not hysterical.
Enormous and fresh with life.
Source: Consider the Lobster

CARI OLESKEWICZ is a freelance writer based in Tampa, Florida. Her fiction and poetry have been published in The Commonline Journal, Five2One Magazine, The Pedestal Magazine, Colere, Main Street Rag, Epiphany Magazine, Imitation Fruit Literary Journal, Unlikely Stories and Platform Art. Her nonfiction essays and articles have been printed in The Washington Post, Italian Cooking and Living, Sasee Magazine and Pork & Gin. When she is not reading or writing, Cari can be found trying to keep up with her 8-year-old daughter and planning a permanent escape to Italy.

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