Thousands of Flags


Flags big and small
sprouted overnight–
regular, flag-size flags
flags-on-a-stick flags
in a parade flags
attached to mailboxes

with angled flag-holders
by the front door,
flags at half-mast
popping smartly in the wind.

Multistory flags regulation-size,
their anodized flagpoles polished
with ointment and a chamois cloth.

A dozen flags in yards, halyard
clanking loudly against metal,

and cars with flags
wedged in grilles,
or duct taped
to antennae,
God’s wrath.


Source: “9/11: The View from the Midwest.” Rolling Stone.



LAURIE KOLP is an award-winning, widely published poet/writer living in Southeast Texas. Mother of six (a husband, three kids and two dogs), Laurie serves as CEO of household. She is also the vice-president of Texas Gulf Coast Writers and contributing writer to Southeast Texas Family Magazine. Her poetry book, Upon the Blue Couch, is slated for release March 2014 through Winter Goose Publishing.  ( & )

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