Outside Carnegie Library, Main and East Hastings, Vancouver


The pain free long distance
was verbally detatched, ransom
sometimes, and emotion a
snaggletoothed shiteater.


Daytime friends scoring off
each other, their singular
recounting of divorced willingness
doing a great deal to pantcuff
childhood’s despair.


Forging intimate community on
on intractable laughter, some
recliner with a stunning personal
computer desk, looking immaculately


Whole hearted, she bites the principle
in the etiology, in thy hypersensitivty
of payphones to telephone
terminal distance, feeling anything
other than the address book,
being too deep and vestigial.


As if incompatiable to caring
the person with her habit
simply look openly starved.


Scalding bliss, the insertion
of nuture in seminal feelings,
paying for the illusion
once a month in the hollows
of anything certain, spontaneous
to bleed abstract guilt.


Including a new clarity,
the resolved fantasies
of getting, of ever to be able
to be there, near-fetal
in the omnindededness
of the joyless burn

Source:“The Depressed Person.” Brief Interviews with Hideous Men.

MATTHEW WALSH recently finished his undergrad degree in English and Creative Writing. His prose and poetry has or will appear in FreeFall, Carousel, and Soliloquies. His long poem Cloud Grape won the York University President’s Prize for poetry and his poem Alternative Scenario’s for A Missing Fighter Pilot placed second in Polar Expression’s poetry contest.