Dubious Feast

tropical plum
pithy sensuous
a professional comedian

in gastro dorsal fin
carrot-and-stick sodium tang
the service impeccable
maximal stimulation

flour, silicate
seawater steroids
bowls of soup
Etruscan truffle
marzipan pelican

four tabs of LSD
pot from an actual Jamaican
chicory enzymes
slathered with Vaseline
ultrarefined titanium alloy

fresh sweatstains
cordite, small pubic spirals

spinal throb
ghostly green
thinly sliced
malnourished children

tender medallions of braised
primal decay

marvel at the size of what’s just
Source: “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again” from the book of the same name.

J.R. MCCONVEY is a writer from Toronto. His story, “The Last Ham”, was shortlisted for the Thomas Morton Memorial Prize for Literary Excellence, and published in 2013 as an eBook by House of Anansi Digital. His writing has appeared in publications such as The Walrus, The Puritan, The Broken City and The National Post, and was featured as part of the 2013 Pulitzer Remix Project. He is a creator of The National Parks Project, an award-winning film and music series about creativity and nature, for which he received a Genie and a Gemini award. He recently finished his first novel.

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