Volume Two

Found Poetry Review Volume-2-Cover




Letters from the Editors
Jenni B. Baker and Beth Ayer


My Father is the Jailhouse
Vanessa Mancini
Five Search Histories
Nick Admussen
Index of First Lines
Martin Bartels
Throwing an English Dictionary
into a Mallarme Void

Annie Wong
Spannocchia Guest Book 1964-1994
Melissa Sawatsky
Accounting Office Post-It Note
Elizabeth O’Brien
Stumbling Into a Blank Landscape
Jess Bolluyt
Kara Synhorst
Or a Moral Inventory
Dorothee Lang
Inside School #1
Garrett Phelan
Ever More Useful Forces
Ramona Itule-Patigan
Trying to Make Nice – 1949
Tereasa Maillie
Vicious Beauty
Nico McKay
Here Comes the Zebra
Karen Rigby
The Human Heart
Zach Donisch
The Field Is Right for Reaping
Victoria Neff