Or, A Moral Inventory

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Dorothee Lang is a writer, web freelancer and traveller, and the editor of BluePrintReview. She lives in Germany, and always was fascinated by languages, roads and the world, themes that reflect in her own work. For more about her, visit her at life as a journey
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Read by the found poem’s author, Dorothee Lang
Read by the source text’s author, Rose Hunter


A mistake of familiarity:
concrete for miles, yet
to leave it or part it
I tried to make like the cobblestones:

a cube with flat-palm walls
and tucked-in thumbs
in front of the razor-wire
out there, you don’t know that yet,

and beyond: garrafones, cap wrappers,
sapphire and prismatic pigeon’s wings
or, a moral inventory

at last: that kind of
dusky flight
the light bringer, the dawn star,

the energy in the match head
a false lift off, on the pier
of the beach they call: Los Muertos.

Based on lines from the poetry collection “A Foal Poem” by Rose Hunter.



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