My Father Is the Jailhouse

Vanessa Mancini is a freelance writer from Toronto, Ontario. She received her undergrad in creative writing at Concordia University in Montreal. Vanessa is currently living in Rome and working on her first novel.

1. Incompetence

There is nothing wrong
with incompetence; you don’t
have to do as much.

2. Petty Thief

Stole nickels and dimes,
busted up a stamp machine,
cashed a couple cheques

3. My World

I’ve been with them all:
Prostitutes, bums and winos—
The street is my world.

4. Confusion

Confusion is here,
Coming down around you fast—
It’s all of your fear.

5.The Music

Music speaks to you
but you are too deaf dumb blind
to even listen.

6. Success

I don’t want to
be a success; It’s hard to
remember breakfast.

7. Mass Suicide

You haven’t got long
before you all kill yourselves
you are all crazy.

8. The Lie

I think its time you
start looking at yourselves: judge
the lie you live in.

9. Blame

You made your children
what they are, these children they
are yours; you taught them.

10. You People

I do not like you.
You put too much importance
on all of your lives.

11. Mirror Mirror

I am only what
you made me, what lives inside
you; a reflection.

12. The Joke’s on you

You want to kill me?
Ha! I am already dead,
have been all my life.

13. Penetentiary

You put me in the
Penitentiary. I like
It. I like myself.

14. Death

A child will tell you,
dead is when you are no more—
Just when you’re not there.

15. Judgment of the Dead

I will not judge you;
Have no malice against you,
no ribbons for you.

From Charles Manson’s testimony in the Tate-LaBianca Murder Trial.


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