Five Search Histories


Nick Admussen has poems forthcoming in Fence and the UCity Review.  He is the author of the chapbook Movie Plots, published this year by Epiphany Editions, and his work has appeared in magazines like the Boston Review, the Seneca Review, DIAGRAM and Blackbird.  He is currently a Ph. D. candidate in Chinese literature at Princeton University.



sumo wrestling / anorexia /
chinese women anorexic / chinese women /
drunk chinese girls / bootylicious
african american girls / donkeys /
elephants / elephants / elephants


guys in gowns /
forced to be female /
bridal whore galleries / fat girl
photo galleries / direction
of travel of storm system
around Atlanta /


retirement communities / gay clubs /
ma treasurer find money / gay myrtle beach /
caterpillar money market / human oddities /
nfl mock draft / amortization schedules
people like us film book / venipuncture

gender prediction charts / gender
prediction charts / Chinese baby
gender charts / hot mom club / tank top
how to make a baby cooperate
during ultrasound to reveal sex /


cleaning trout / fibromyalgia
and thyroid / Georgia street vendor /
selling food how to get started / sex
instruction Georgia / skin picking /
dermatillomania how to stop

From dumped AOL search data collected at



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