Kara Synhorst is a lifelong Sacramentan who has never lived more than seven miles from her childhood home. She got her B.A., teaching credential, and M.F.A. from CSU Sacramento and now teaches English at Luther Burbank High School. She lives with her husband Reza and daughter Azadeh and two ornery cats.


for Stephanie Tucker

It’s about art in the 21st, 22nd . . . whatever the hell century we’re in.
It’s whatshisname yelling Howl Howl . . . Ginsberg.
I open my mouth and there’s Emily.  Where did that come from?  Newts and serpents coming out.
I think he’s pulling our proverbial leg.
That’s why you should never marry an actor!  Trust me!  They act! Dishonest!
Am I making sense? Stop me if I’m not.
Look how moral I’m being . . . Grow up children!
Can you hear my circles going nicely out?

No matter how hot it is you’re not . . . you’re just gonna wear clothes.
Two divans, divans, how do you pronounce that? Sofas.
If you could have jerk second husband or Cary Grant . . . duh.
Which is worse, death or Doris Day?  It’s a toss-up.
I know Mr. Rogers says we’re all special.  Too bad he’s dead.
Poor dead John Ritter’s in it.
Can I have a few minutes and get away from sex?
Can you hear my circles going nicely out?

Why the hell is Hamlet moping around on the parapet?
Oh, he’s a bastard.  Really just a sonofabitch.  Brilliant.
Everybody’s got walkers and oxygen.  I’m still sprightly.
I’m just insulting my generation.
It’s like life; you’re gonna die, it’s what happens between birth and death that makes it interesting.  God, I’m just leaving the grid . . . It’s like life, children.
Can you hear my circles going nicely out?

A found poem from lecture notes.


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