Water Ways



She cuts a bamboo pipe to collect water.
Tork tork, drop by drop it fills,
chhong chhong, it all streams out at once,
flows because it can, to deeper ground.

The water is cool, fish flock in.
She rows the boat and leaves no tracks,
catches fish without troubling the water.
Her boat passes but the harbour remains.

Anger is ruin, anger is waste.
She takes the road tracked by her ancestors,
knows that playing with snakes gets you bitten.
She does not teach the crocodile to swim.

Up on the land is the tiger,
down in the water is the crocodile,
in the forest is the thorn,
and in the market, the police.


Twelve of the two hundred “Khmer Sayings” collected by Alain Fressanges and published by Khmer Community Development NGO, Cambodia. www.kcd-ngo.org


Kathy Gee

lives in Worcestershire, UK. She works in museums and heritage, started writing creatively (but secretly) in 2007 and only started submitting works in 2010. In 2011 she was a finalist for the Worcestershire Laureate and poems were accepted by Lighten Up Online, Decanto and Be. Kathy’s blog www.wordstring.co.uk is an experimental vehicle for video poems.

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