Photograph of woman in Ho Chi Minh hotel room

He breaks the rules:
uses the guest room
for purposes other
than sleeping, eating and drinking,
moves furniture from fixed positions,
does his laundry,
uses the hallway for cooking,
receives acquaintances,
interchanges rooms
and uses the hotel
for soliciting business
(of any type).

He annoys many guests
by making loud noises
and commits against
public decency in the hallway;
he brings into the hotel
such items as animals and birds,
offensive and bulky objects,
illegally owned guns and swords,
gasoline, explosives
and inflammable items.

He hopes he doesn’t meet
The Management.



Rules of Conduct, Elios Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City.


Kathy Gee

lives in Worcestershire, UK. She works in museums and heritage, started writing creatively (but secretly) in 2007 and only started submitting works in 2010. In 2011 she was a finalist for the Worcestershire Laureate and poems were accepted by Lighten Up Online, Decanto and Be. Kathy’s blog is an experimental vehicle for video poems.

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