Long Ago My Father Died

Montana twilight
and the river each day a full measure colder
between poplars and
among the pine needles, and
from that shore below the mountains, the water
whispering urge and constant. This way. Over here.

The current catches –
no stopping and starting, no fences.
There’s the sky turning ever more purple,
there is the river, split and yellow:
no boat, no fish rising,
the river’s long, long veins
a tangling of truth and memory.

The blood still begs for direction home. This river points
closer to the wilderness,
floods in. Nothing can hold against that current.
Now it is almost over.

After. The greens were all perfectly pretty
and the grass smell
was a kind of happiness
as his center of gravity slowly shifted
toward water.



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Jennifer Saunders lives in Switzerland with her Swiss husband and their two Swiss-American sons. She writes poems, struggles with Swiss-German, and teaches small children how to play hockey. Her work has appeared in BluePrintReview, Ibbetson Street Magazine, Literary Bohemian, Literary Mama, and elsewhere.


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