P.            1,            para 3,            line 1            Small Colleges
P.            4,            para 2,            line 4           pattern
P.            8,            para 3,            line 5           students
P.            8,            para 5,            line 1           Change are to is
P.            20,          top b.,                                 Change of to to
——————-  —-2 e.,                line 4           etc.).
P.            22,           5d.                                       establish
P.            25,           g. 3                                      home-town
P.            31,           para 2,            line 1           consensus
P.            32,           2b.                                       co-curricular, extra-curricular
P.            36,           2,                     line 3   l      lifelong
P.            53,           X. A.,               line10         right
P.            96,           D2,                  line 2          thinking students


Source: A college manual of operations

Ed Higgins teaches writing and literature at George Fox University, south of Portland, OR. He and his wife live on a small farm with a menagerie of animals including two young whippets and a manx barn cat. His poems and short fiction have appeared in Monkeybicycle, Pindeldyboz, and Bellowing Ark, as well as numerous online journals such as CrossConnect, Word Riot, The Centrifugal Eye, and Blue Print Review, among others.

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