Domestic Escape Hatch

… slice wide the midnight sky.
It’s not that easy, is it?
——–Even one life is too many …

I’d been led to think I was in control,
burning the past in effigy.
What we fear, we try to tame.
——–Is she a good kisser, too?

Only the gods can grant access
——–to know what puppet strings feel like.

Oh darling, you know it sucks when I’m right:
you too will awake from the act of simply living life
like me, only less adorable.

And you’ll see: the shadows of heroes
——–outside us, the shadows of enemies within us.


Source: All lines originally from Wonder Woman comics.

Andrea Janelle Dickens is originally from Virginia. A poet, translator, and author of two scholarly books on medieval studies, she currently teaches medieval studies and composition in central Ohio.

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