Birth 1964
(creased with folding)

witness my hand
I do hereby certify
that this is a true copy
a name given to a child
in the prescribed form
which can be obtained
on application

Marriage 1985
(green watermark)

spinster 21 years
it is an offence
to make or knowingly use
intending to be accepted as genuine
knowing it to be false
to the prejudice of any person
rank or profession
printed by authority
according to the rites
a register
in my custody

Divorce 1987
(stark white)

making decree
no. of matter
no such cause
having been shown
final and absolute



Source: Taken from text on Clare’s birth, marriage and divorce certificates

Clare Kirwan performs regularly as part of Dead Good Poets Society and has had poems published in Orbis, MsLexia, Iota, Aberrant Dreams, amongst others. She also writes short fiction. www.clarekirwan.co.uk

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  • June 5, 2012

    Winston Plowes

    Hi Clare. Life’s a circle and in your choice of sourse material here you create an expectancy before the words are digested. liked the brief, clinical descriptions of each document in brackets and of course the overall effect. Win