The Found Poetry Project (2012)

Reading A Newspaper By A Wall

For National Poetry Month 2012, the Found Poetry Review launched a successful Kickstarter project to fund the Found Poetry Project. The initiative created and distributed 250 found poetry kits in communities across the United States during April.

Each kit, packaged in a Ziploc bag with identifying external sticker, contained:

    • A postcard explaining what the project is and how to write a found poem
    • A source text from which to create a found poem (e.g. magazine and newspaper articles, pages from books, text of famous speeches, Wikipedia articles and more)
    • A pen to mark up the text and with which to write
    • A small note pad on which to draft the poem
    • Instructions on where to upload their poems on the web

Volunteers from different corners of the country distributed these kits during the month of April in their communities, leaving them in public places like coffee shops, libraries, public transportation, movie theaters, college campuses, bathrooms and more.

During April 2012, kit finders could upload their poems at the (now-defunct) project website