Book Review: Cutting Time with a Knife

In the way that Eliot’s essay is a kind of periodic table, a structure that can both account for current and anticipate future development or discovery of new elements, Michael Leong’s Cutting Time with a Knife functions as quasi-historical and predictive matrix of possibilities.


Finders Keepers: Reactions

Last week I mentioned Kenneth Goldsmith’s performance of his conceptual poem “The Body of Michael Brown.” Goldsmith’s choice to appropriate the content of Michael Brown’s autopsy document has triggered many strong reactions. Here are some that stood out:


Finders Keepers: Mary Shelley’s Post

Before kale was the superfood we massaged, blended, and blogged about, it was simply Mary Shelley’s favorite veggie. Since her husband, the poet Percy, had such bad eating habits—sometimes he’d work so hard he’d forget to eat—Mary kept a well-stocked garden so the bard would get his greens.