Time Warp

Poetry Prompt: If I Could Turn Back Time

You might not be Cher, but you can still explore what you’d do if you could turn back time by participating in this week’s poetry prompt. To start, choose a text with a sequence — something like a diary, a travel narrative or a series of letters. Next, hop over to TextMechanic and input your text into the Reverse Text Generator.


Finders Keepers: Keeping it Interesting

In recent months, conceptual poetry and the act of appropriation have brought about questions of boundaries, racism, privilege and art. In some cases, as with all forms of art, conceptual works have been celebrated while others have been condemned. Here are some of the discussions.


Finders Keepers: Celebrate Poetry

It’s National Poetry Month! If you aren’t participating in or following along with FPR’s largest National Poetry Month project to-date, PoMoSco, you can visit the website here. You won’t be disappointed! In addition to PoMoSco, there are many National Poetry Month activities across the country that incorporate found poetry.


Finders Keepers: Reactions

Last week I mentioned Kenneth Goldsmith’s performance of his conceptual poem “The Body of Michael Brown.” Goldsmith’s choice to appropriate the content of Michael Brown’s autopsy document has triggered many strong reactions. Here are some that stood out:


Finders Keepers: Unfiltered

On Friday, Kenneth Goldsmith read a piece he titled “The Body of Michael Brown,” crafted from the content of the Michael Brown autopsy document. The reading brought about strong reactions and questions about the appropriation of the suffering of people of color for publication and personal gain.