Philip Metres

Book Review: Sand Opera

At a time reflected by fear- and hatemongering language, creating the hazardous binary discourse of “us versus them,” Philip Metres’ Sand Opera reminds us it’s not that simple; we can’t let ourselves believe it is that inhuman.

TGISO - Cover 2

Book Review: The Ground I Stand on Is Not My Ground

Nogues’ text takes on the task of capturing an empire in the incongruities of its history and places the burden on an entire tradition—a set of documents that, save for Nogues’ practice of reading-through, might have otherwise been allowed to stand, enabling essential truths of the matter to remain hidden and unquestioned as parts of larger seemingly untouchable historical constructs.


Finders Keepers: Keeping it Interesting

In recent months, conceptual poetry and the act of appropriation have brought about questions of boundaries, racism, privilege and art. In some cases, as with all forms of art, conceptual works have been celebrated while others have been condemned. Here are some of the discussions.


Finders Keepers: Unfiltered

On Friday, Kenneth Goldsmith read a piece he titled “The Body of Michael Brown,” crafted from the content of the Michael Brown autopsy document. The reading brought about strong reactions and questions about the appropriation of the suffering of people of color for publication and personal gain.


Book Review: The Things I Heard About You

In the poems that comprise The Things I Heart About You, being able to see the speaker’s faults, failures, and attempts to crystallize their position on what they choose to communicate allows the “mistaken,” and the inexact, to remain visible.


Finders Keepers: Friends

It isn’t often that you hear about an intersection between found poetry and slam poetry, but the two collided last week in Columbia, Missouri as part of the Black History Month Protest Poetry Slam.