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Give us your poems made up of lines from newspaper articles, instruction booklets, dictionaries, toothpaste boxes, biographies, Craigslist posts, speeches, other poems and any other text-based source. Only found poems will be considered for publication; we regret we cannot publish “original” poems, regardless of quality.With some exceptions, our editors look for submissions:

    • Whose form demonstrates some invention by the author, particularly when working with sources that are already complete texts (e.g. books, articles, etc.). It is not enough, in other words, to find an interesting paragraph, add some line breaks and call it a found poem.
    • Whose meaning departs from the source text. Turning a newspaper article on a criminal trial into a poem about a criminal trial isn’t a huge stretch; turning it into a poem about your daughter’s birthday is.
    • Which make us think, laugh, second-guess, wonder, reflect and otherwise feel something.

We currently only accept previously unpublished submissions. You may submit works that have been previously posted on your personal blog or website, under the condition that you remove them if they are accepted for publication in The Found Poetry Review.  Simultaneous submissions are acceptable; however, please let us know immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. Due to copyright sensitivities, all submissions MUST include information about the source(s) incorporated into the poem. Submissions without this information will not be considered for publication.

The Found Poetry Review acquires first rights for all work published. Reprint rights revert to the author after publication; however, please include a first publication acknowledgment to The Found Poetry Review in subsequent publications.

Compensation is one free copy of the issue, with an opportunity to buy additional copies at a discount.



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