Pulitzer Remix (2013)

Pulitzer Remix Website

For National Poetry Month 2013, the Pulitzer Remix project united 85 poets from seven countries joined together to create found poetry from the 85 (now 86) Pulitzer Prize-winning works of fiction. They posted one poem per day on the Pulitzer Remix website (http://www.pulitzerremix.com), collectively writing more than 2,500 poems during the month of April. The resulting poems garnered more than 12,200 comments and nearly 180,000 page views.

Project coordinators are now pursuing an edited print collection featuring select poems from Pulitzer Remix, requiring access to the site to be restricted. Educators, publishers and other relevant parties may be granted access to the site upon request. Please email Found Poetry Review Editor-in-Chief Jenni B. Baker at editor@foundpoetryreview.com to request access to the site or to ask any questions.


Mildred Achoch, Sara Adams, E. Kristin Anderson, Cathryn Andresen, Beth Ayer, Annabel Banks, Mary Bast, Roxanna Bennett, F.J. Bergmann, Nathalie Boisard-Beudin, Jess Bolluyt, Justin Bond, Karin Bradberry, Ed Bremson, Julie Brooks Barbour, Angela Khristin Brown, Kathy Burkett, Chris Cannella, Melissa Carl, Ann Cefola, Nancy Chen Long, Seth Crook, Andrea Dickens, Merridawn Duckler, Heather Holland Duncan, Martin Elwell, David Elzey, Carmine Esposito, Peter Cole Friedman, Ed Garland, Gerburg Garmann, Jerome Gentes, Gary Glauber, Barbara Gregg, Laura Hartenberger, Deborah Hauser, Vicki Hudson, S.E. Ingraham, Sonja Johanson, Kelly Jones, Danielle Jones-Pruett, Jen Karetnick, Charmi Keranen, William Todd King, Laurie Kolp, David Krilivsky, Allison Lee, Michael Leong, Sally Long, Christopher Luna, Joel McConvey, George McKim, Joshua Medsker, Alexa Mergen, Andrew Milewski, James W. Moore, Dana Perrow Moran, Catherine Nichols, Sarah Nichols, Lindsay Oberst, Cari Oleskiwicz, Amanda Papenfus, Reiser Perkins, Winston Plowes, Jackie Regales, Martina Robinson, Margo Roby, Christina Rothenbeck, Greg Santos, Daniel Shapiro, Patrick Seniuk, Linda Simone, Caroline Simpson, Sarah Sloat, Joel Preston Smith, Sheila Sondik, Sherry Steiner, Scott Stoller, Kara Synhorst, Robin Turner, Allyson Whipple, Neal Whitman, Theresa Williams and Patrick Williamson.