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Katy Acheson Nine years of poetry blogging, multiple print and digital publications in poetry, university poetry publications, readings, fan of spreading poetry to others through social media and random acts of guerilla poetry. Katy has three cats and loves to read New Scientist. She struggles to keep up with the dishes. Link
Mildred Achoch Mildred Achoch writes poems, screenplays, Facebook notes and content for her blog titled Kenya Rock Film Festival Journal. She attends Kenyan rock ‘n’ roll shows, supports the local bands and is a Christian Goth! She regularly adds found poems to her blog book, Lost in Cyberspace and other Found Poems. Link
Sara Adams Sara Adams is a Montessori preschool teacher in Fairbanks, Alaska. She writes fiction and poetry, especially when motivated by challenges such as National Novel Writing Month and Found Poetry Review’s annual poetry collab projects. She has work in Shampoo Poetry, and/or, CellPoems and lots of zines. Link
E. Kristin Anderson E. Kristin Anderson lives in Austin, TX and is best known for co-editing the Dear Teen Me anthology, based on the popular website. Her poetry has been published worldwide in many magazines and anthologies and she is the author of two forthcoming chapbooks, A Jab of Deep Urgency and A Guide for the Practical Abductee. She is an online editor at Hunger Mountain and a contributing editor at Found Poetry Review. Once upon a time she worked at The New Yorker. Link
Beth Ayer Beth Ayer is Found Poetry Review‘s senior poetry editor and web manager. Her work has appeared in publications including Bukowski On Wry, Otis Nebula, Temper, Silver Birch Press and Upstart: A Journal of English Renaissance Studies (forthcoming). In April 2013, she was one of 85 participating poets in the Pulitzer Remix project. Link
Jenni B. Baker Jenni B. Baker is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Found Poetry Review. Her own poetry – both found and not – has been published in more than two dozen literary journals. She is currently working on a multi-year erasure poetry project, Erasing Infinite, in which she creates erasure poetry from all 1,079 pages of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. Link
Lenore Balliro Lenore Balliro has been a poet for more than 40 years; her work has been published in literary journals and anthologies. She is a recipient of the Rhode Island State Council of the Arts award for literature. Link
Nicole Beaudoin Nicole Beaudoin’s Twitter bio states: “I write. I read. I love. I develop the web. I like puppies and kitties.” All of the above are correct. She fell off of the writing wagon as of late and this Oulipost adventure is her maiden voyage into writing again. Full steam ahead. Link
Roxanna Bennett Roxanna Bennett is a past participant in Found Poetry Review‘s Pulitzer Remix and one of the poetry editors at Halfway Down the Stairs. She has had work appear in Descant, Popshot, Slice Magazine, Vallum, CV2 and others. Her first book of poetry The Uncertainty Principle is forthcoming in June 2014 from Tightrope Books. Link
Nathalie Boisard-Beudin Words! All glorious, luscious, effulgent words! (The woman is a maniac.) Link
Patrick Boyle Patrick Boyle is currently completing the Writing Seminars Program at Bennington College and will be receiving his MFA in June. Link
Barbara Crary Barbara Crary has been a reader of poetry for years, but only started writing within the past six months. Currently, she is writing mostly short poems, including haiku, but would like to expand what she’s doing. Right now, she does best with prompts. Link
Aviva Cristy Aviva Cristy writes, studies, reads and plays with poetry as often as possible. She also teaches, though sometimes she does not get to teach poetry. Some of her found poetry has been published. Some of her other poetry has been published. Link
Ray Cummings Ray Cummings is a writer and poet living in Lewisburg, PA. His books include Class Notes and Crucial Sprawl. Link
Janet Daniel Janet Daniel has been attending classes in creative writing for the past eight years. She has exhibited with I.R.Daniel – his paintings and her writing – their response to climate change and an exploration of their dreaming. She has also written a year’s full moon cycle; poems about attachment, loss and nature; plays, short stories and an autobiography. Link
Andrea Janelle Dickens Andrea Janelle Dickens was raised in Virginia, and has lived in a number of countries. She currently lives in Mesa, AZ, where she teaches in the Writing Programs at Arizona State University. In her spare time, she is a potter, a beekeeper and desert landscaper. Link
Amanda Earl Amanda Earl is a poet, publisher and pornographer who has been sharing her work in journals, online magazines and chapbooks for fourteen years. Her first trade poetry collection, Kiki, will be coming out with Chaudiere Books in the autumn of 2014. Site: http://www.amandaearl.com. Link
Martin Elwell Martin Elwell is a New Hampshire-based poet and editor. Link
Elizabeth Evans Elizabeth Evans has been writing poetry since she was ten years old. Link
Joshua Ganyon Joshua Ganyon is a 22 year-old Honors student at the University of Washington. His specialization is French language and literature. He spends the bulk of his time reading and writing, and fills in any gaps by gardening or painting. Link
Gerburg Garmann Gerburg Garmann, a native of Germany, teaches German and French at the University of Indianapolis. Her scholarly publications appear in both German and French in international journals. Her poems have appeared in various magazines and anthologies around the world. Link
Gwenn Gebhard Gwenn Gebhard has had non-found poems published in Blue Earth Review and Waterways:Poetry in the Mainstream. She enjoys the process of reading and finding word combinations that create a shot of pleasure or humor in her veins. They are out there. Sometimes its like putting a puzzle together. Link
Rachel Gellman Rachel Gellman is a teacher and poet in San Diego. Her poetry and reviews have been published in Passages North, The Found Poetry Review, World Literature Today, The Jewish Literary Journal and others. Follower her at http://www.rachelgellman.com Link
Jennifer Hamilton Jennifer Hamilton is a New-Hampshire-based writer, photographer, and wanderer. She recently completed a quest to visit all 50 states and is busy plotting her next adventure. She’s provided cover art for Prime Number Magazine, Dreaming Again and Bearers of Distance, an anthology in which she also was a contributing poet. Link
Joseph Harker Joseph Harker is a 20-something linguist poet from the Northeastern US. He’s been in some journals here and there online and in print, but finds it tiresome to list them. He’s a textbook Libra in just about every way, and would love to meet you. Link
Thomas Hintze Thomas Hintze is a writer from Brooklyn NY, currently relocated to rural California. Journalist, photographer, creater of poetic machines and conceiver of political memes, Tom was a founding editor of Tidal magazine and Occupy Theory. He currently employs constrained writing and conceptual literary techniques daily in his writing practice. Link
Trish Hopkinson Trish Hopkinson was published in the Brevity Poetry Review and UVU’s Touchstones, the latter in which she won second place for poetry. She recently placed fourth in the Poetry on Canvas competition and received an honorable mention from the League of Utah Writers for her poetry anthology, Emissions. Link
Ann Hostetler Ann Hostetler is the author of a book of poems, Empty Room with Light, and editor of the anthology, A Cappella: Mennonite Voices in Poetry. Her work has appeared in numerous literary journals from The American Scholar to The Stickman Review. She teaches English and Creative Writing at Goshen College. Link
S.E. Ingraham Retired mental health consumer pens poems from the 53rd parallel, S.E. Ingraham writes because putting words on paper or the screen helps keep her tethered to reality. She writes because she can, because there are places where it would cost her her life to express her opinion. She writes because she must. Link
Amy Ireland Amy Ireland is writing a PhD on non-representational and inhuman poetics at UNSW, Australia, where she also teaches creative writing and co-convenes Aesthetics After Finitude. She has contributed many rogue publications to the Sydney zine scene and is currently engaged in the mass-manufacture of experimental poems that you can throw. Link
Sonja Johanson Sonja Johanson has recent pieces appearing in The Gambler Mag, The Unrorean, Haiku of the Dead and The Avocet. She was a participating poet in the Found Poetry Review‘s 2013 Pulitzer Remix project. Link
Kelly Jones Kelly Jones has an MFA in Poetry from the University of New Orleans. Her poems, stories, and reviews have appeared online and in print with Knock Magazine, Cold Mountain Review, Similar Peaks, Amethyst Arsenic and various other publications. She is the founding editor of The Gambler Mag and believes in chance. Link
Jen Karetnick Jen Karetnick is the award-winning author of four poetry chapbooks, most recently Prayer of Confession (Finishing Line Press, June 2014) and a full-length book of poetry Brie Season (White Violet Press, fall 2014). Her poems have been widely published in dozens of journals. She participated in FPR’s Pulitzer Remix 2013. Link
Andrew Klein Andrew Klein is a poet, editor and experimental musician living in Baltimore. His work has appeared in Everyday Genius, Harlequin Creature, Artichoke Haircut and Ink Press. Link
Nancy Chen Long Nancy Chen Long is the author of the chapbook Clouds as Inkblots for the War Prone. A volunteer with the local Writers Guild, she offers poetry workshops and coordinates a reading series. You’ll find her recent work in Boxcar Poetry Review, Sycamore Review, Cold Mountain Review, RHINO and other journals. Link
Douglas Luman Douglas Luman assembles words in central Arkansas. Link
Bob Marcacci An instructor with Qatar Foundation’s Academic Bridge Program, Bob Marcacci lives in Doha, Qatar with family. He has also taught English in China, Italy, Japan, and the United States. Aside from publishing his own e-books, Bob has had chapbooks published by BlazeVOX, Dusie, Plan B Press and Unlikely 2.0. Link
Kristina McDonald Kristina McDonald received her MFA from Eastern Washington University. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Narrative, New Guard Review, Yemassee, Sugar House Review and Switchback. She has worked for literary non-profits Writers in the Schools and Get Lit! Programs, and she currently works for Rice University. Link
Lachlan McKenzie Lachlan McKenszie is a (failed) writer and (re)searcher who followed a swerve from Melbourne to Sydney. He is particularly interested in contemporary American and antipodean off-centre poetry. Link
Joshua Medsker Josh Medsker is a New Jersey poet. He publishes the literary magazine Twenty-Four Hours. Link
Robin Meister Single mom, social worker, teacher, sex educator, wife, in that order. Lots of light and dark written down in two decades. Poems waiting to be made. Link
james w. moore james w. moore is a poet and playwright living in Winooski, VT. I Am the Maker of all sweetened possum, a collection of the poems he created as part of FPR’s Pulitzer Remix, will be published by Silver Birch Press. Link
Kate Moore Kate Moore has taught writing and poetry for more than 30 years. Her doctoral dissertation was Finding Poetic Justice: How Teacher Inquiry Impacts Elementary Math and looked at the ways poetry can be used in mathematics instruction. She is the Poet Laureate for the City of San Ramon, California. Link
Lylanne Musselman Lylanne Musselman is an award-winning poet living in Toledo, OH. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in many print and online literary journals and anthologies. She is the author of three chapbooks and she co-authored Company of Women: New and Selected Poems (Chatter House Press, 2013). Link
Lillian Necakov Published in Canada, US and Europe. Books include: Hooligans (Mansfield Press), Bone Broker (Mansfield Press), Hat Trick (Exile Editions), Polaroids (Coach House Books). Run the Boneshaker Reading Series in Toronto. Link
Kelly Nelson Kelly Nelson is the author of the forthcoming chapbook Rivers I Don’t Live By (Concrete Wolf, 2014). Her work has appeared in several dozen journals and anthologies. She lives in Tempe, Arizona, and teaches Interdisciplinary Studies at Arizona State University. Link
Sierra Ortega Graduate student in rhetorical studies and performance at Hofstra University. Unemployed actress. Amateur poet. When she’s not doing homework she’s usually contemplating the futility of her existence. And how much she could totally go for a doughnut. Link
Jessica Otto Jessica Otto is the author of four published (one self-published) chapbooks, was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2011 by the editor of The Camel Saloon, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College in Plainfield, VT. She loves writing poetry more than breathing. Link
Reiser Perkins A former reporter for New West Magazine, Egypt Today, and Metro Santa Cruz, Reiser Perkins now works as a musician, handbag designer, belly dance teacher, and editor of the online magazine, Otis Nebula. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in print and online. Link
Eugenia Hepworth Petty Eugenia’s poems and/or photographs have appeared in literary journals in Asia, North America and Europe, and a chapbook of her travel poems, Pamyat Celo/Memory Village, was published in 2007. She lives in Central Washington with her poet husband and four cats. Website: http://eugeniahepworthpetty.com/ Link
Winston Plowes Winston would like to be the hare that chases bicycles and wins by miles. He would obviously still wear a cravat and comfortable shoes. At weekends he might be a shooting star in a thunderstorm solving the final clues in your crossword. He inhabits a narrowboat in Yorkshire, Northern England. Link
Dania Rajendra Dania Rajendra is a creative nonfiction writer — and former union journalist — who is peeking into poetry-land. She works full time in the nonprofit industrial complex, at a job that requires much travel; she reads and write poetry on planes and trains. Link
Jody Rich Jody Rich is from Evansville, Indiana, where he participates in Spalding University’s brief-residency MFA program. His first chapbook, Beneath Artificial Stars, was published by Winged City Press in 2013, and upcoming work will appear in Wilde Magazine. He participated in the 2013 Borderlands Project alongside Indiana Poet Laureate Karen Kovacik. Link
Vicky Richards Vicky Richards is a writer, reviewer and novice poet. Link
Martina Robinson Martina Robinson is a poet, fiction writer, blogger, citizen journalist and social justice activist. Her poems have appeared in the Naugatuck River Review, BiWomen and Rain and Thunder. She was a previous poet of the month for Nuwine Press. She was part of the Found Poetry Review‘s Pulitzer Remix last year. Link
Margo Roby Margo Roby has been writing and having poems published for a little over twenty years. Most of her work is in print journals. Since returning to the US, from overseas, four years ago, much of her poetry has been an exploration of found poetry. Link
Jana Ross Documentary theatre artist with a poetry habit. Link
Greg Santos Greg Santos is the author of The Emperor’s Sofa (DC Books) and several chapbooks. He is a poetry editor for the Montreal-based literary magazine, carte blanche. His second full-length collection Rabbit Punch! (DC Books) is forthcoming in spring 2014. He lives in Montreal with his wife and two children. Link
Mary Sexson Mary Sexson is author of the book 103 in the Light, Selected Poems 1996-2000 (Restoration Press), and co-author of Company of Women, New and Selected Poems (Chatter House Press) with Jayne Marek and Lylanne Musselman. Her poems have appeared in various literary publications; newer work is included in several anthologies. Link
Kenneth Sherwood In 1990, Kenneth Sherwood began performing his own poetry, solo and with a live jazz group. He has given live readings in New York, Texas, Maine, New Hampshire, Maryland, and Pennsylvania and published several chapbooks. He currently works with multimedia and digital poetry. Link
Massimo Soranzio Massimo Soranzio has been writing poems all his life. He teaches English language and literature in an Italian high school, and is a proud member of the community of poetry lovers that grew out of Penn State professor Al Filreis’s MOOC on Modern American Poetry (ModPo). Link
Carol Stephen Retired bean counter, Canadian poet, blogger, columnist, travel bug, cat owner. Took third place in National Capital Writing Contest in 2012 as well as honourable mentions in several publications. Author of two chapbooks, Above the Hum of Yellow Jackets and Architectural Variations. First wrote poetry on a manual green Olivetti typewriter. Link
Reinhardt Suarez Reinhardt Suarez is a writer, editor, musician, and teacher who lives in Minneapolis, MN. He mainly writes fiction, but loves all craft of the written word. Once upon a time, he was the host of the Tuesday Funk reading series in Chicago. Currently, he teaches at the Loft Literary Center. Link
Judy Swann Judy Swann lives in gorgeous Ithaca, NY, in a small house painted in Frida Kahlo colors. Her poetry has appeared in Lilliput Review, Verse Wisconsin, Soundzine and other places both in print and online. She is an Iowan. Link
Maribeth Theroux Maribeth Theroux is a poet and performer. Of note: she was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and she recently played Kelly Kapowski in an Off Broadway musical. She just co-created a poetry podcast, and she will be reading at the New York City Poetry Festival this summer. Link
Richard Thompson Richard Thompson is a psychologist living and working in Houston. He began writing seriously about six years ago. He has roughly ten poems published in a variety of outlets, most recently in Skive Magazine and Empirical Magazine. Link
Matt Trease Matt Trease is a digital artist from Seattle, WA, where he spends his time glitching photographs, algorithmically collaging his library and hacking the Scrabble board with his 5 yr old son. He is the author of the chapbook, Later Heaven (Busylittle1way Designs 2013). Link
Jacqueline Valencia Jacqueline Valencia is an experimental poet and film critic.Her work has appeared in various publications. She has published three chapbooks, and is the author of The Alien (2014, Emmerson Street Press). She is a senior staff film critic at Next Projection and founding editor of These Girls On Film. Link
CarlaJean Valluzzi A native of beautiful western Massachusetts. A BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art; MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts: University of Baltimore. Based in Station North arts district. Creates collages, hand-bound books and many other forms of paper-based ephemera under the moniker Kitchen Table Press. Link
Gina Williams Gina Williams is a Pacific Northwest native. Much of her creative work is influenced by experience and observation. Her work has been featured by Fugue, Palooka, Great Weather for Media, Black Box Gallery, theNewerYork, Third Wednesday, Gallery 360, StepAway Magazine, Meat for Tea, Cactus Heart, and Tiferet Journal, among others. Link
Melanie Wilson Aside from perhaps on a cosmic level, Melanie’s very existence was unplanned. During her formative years, her brain waves were officially diagnosed “borderline abnormal.” If she could, she would buy her tiny childhood home in Detroit to put on stilts by the ocean. Link