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What we need to question is bricks, concrete, glass, our table manners, our utensils, our tools, the way we spend our time, our rhythms. To question that which seems to have ceased forever to astonish us. We live, true, we breathe, true; we walk, we go downstairs, we sit at a table in order to eat, we lie down on a bed on order to sleep. How? Where? When? Why?

Describe your street. Describe another. Compare.

— Georges Perec


About Oulipost

OULIPOST is the Found Poetry Review’s 2014 National Poetry Month project. Over the course of April, approximately 80 poets will apply constrained writing techniques sourced from the Oulipo (Ouvroir de littérature potentielle — or “workshop of potential literature”) group to text sourced from their daily local newspaper.

Poets will tackle one new writing prompt per day, posting the resulting poem on their own website or blog. The latest updates are aggregated in the list at the right and individuals may also follow the hashtag #Oulipost on Twitter.

Additionally, the Found Poetry Review will post the day’s prompt over on our blog; participating poets will post links to their completed poems in the comments section of the post. We’ll display the latest prompt here beginning April 1.

Latest Oulipost Prompts

  • Oulipost: Second Half Highlights It’s been a little over two weeks since the end of Oulipost, and although the project is over, the poems are still just as enjoyable. In April, the Found Poetry Review editorial team put together a half-time report including some highlights from the first half of Oulipost. Since the end of the month, we’ve been ...
  • Oulipost #30: Patchwork Quilt Conclude the project by writing a poem that incorporates words and lines from all of your past 29 poems.
  • Oulipost #29: Canada Dry The name of this procedure is taken from the soft drink marketed as “the champagne of ginger ales.”
  • Oulipost #28: Melting Snowball A text in which each word has one letter less than the preceding one, and the last word only one letter.
  • Oulipost #27: Irrational Sonnet Create a 14-line sonnet sourced from lines from your newspaper that is divided according to the first five digits of the irrational number pi – that is, into stanzas of 3, 1, 4, 1 and 5 lines.

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Nearly 80 poets based in eight countries are participating in OULIPOST. Read more about them — and check out our map to find an Ouliposter near you — over on the Ouliposters page.


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