Lá Bloom

Lá Bloom is a special online issue of The Found Poetry Review featuring poetry sourced from James Joyce’s Ulysses, with one poem representing each episode. The issue is published in celebration of Bloomsday 2014.

Explore the issue and table of contents below. Rather view a PDF? Go here!


  1.  “Your Mother, Her Secrets” — ELISE LIU
  2. “Blake’s Wings of Excess / The Ruins of All Space” — BRIAN LARSEN
  3. “Menace and Echo: A Seachange” — JOEL W. NELSON
  4. “Her Full Lips, Drinking, Smiled” — C.P. HARRISON
  5. “God’s Little Joke” — ED BREMSON
  6. “Broken Hearts Buried Here” — TRISH HOPKINSON
  7. “Aeolus” — WM. TODD KING
  8. “Tasting Every Morsel in the Larder of Vitality” — WINSTON PLOWES
  9. “Ninefold” — BRUNO NEIVA
  10. “Symplegades” — SONJA JOHANSON
  11. “The Bright Stars Fade” — KAREN MASSEY
  12. “His First Six Drinks” — JAMES W. MOORE
  13. “Mr. Bloom with His Stick Gently Flexed” — JESSICA VAN DE KEMP
  14. “Contrapuntal” — KAREN GEORGE
  15. “The Confessional” — PATRICK KINDIG
  16. “Watchman” — BEKAH CONNELL
  17. “The Out of Tune Ballad” — MATTHEW WALSH
  18. “The Smoothest Place Is Right Here” — JENNIFER LISTON