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IMPROMPTU #10: Kristina Marie Darling

First, choose a text by another writer. This can be anything from a Victorian novel to a field guide, an epic poem, a Shakespeare play, or a computer manual. Read through it carefully and consider the following question: What has been buried in so much other language?

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IMPROMPTU #9: Frank Montesonti

When picking up an old book, I can’t help but feel it is alive and that it has a secret message for me. While such beliefs will most likely lead me to wearing a tinfoil hat and living in the bushes by the library, for the present I purge my uncontrolled animism by letting old books speak through erasure poetry.

Simone Muench

IMPROMPTU #7: Simone Muench

write a cento that is a self-portrait, or anthology of your life, utilizing lines and fragments from your own work. Or, alternatively, create a “self-portrait” cento using lines and fragments.

Sarah Blake

IMPROMPTU #5: Sarah Blake

I’m overall very interested in forms–sticking to them, breaking them, and creating them. I like thinking about what content calls for a significant break in a form, what calls for a new form completely. I like how form can call for interaction.

Woody Leslie

IMPROMPTU #4: Woody Leslie

Words have multiple meanings. Meanings have multiple words. I think of wordblocks as a single-word stand-in to express multiple meanings, or an ambiguity of meanings.

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IMPROMPTU #2: Collier Nogues

You can start with any piece of junk mail or advertising, or any legal document or bureaucratic form (it’s tax time!). Choose a few sentences. Remove the nouns. Replace them.