Book Reviews


Book Review: #!

Like a poem, code makes an approximation of an ideal in the way that metaphor attempts to grasp something larger than itself with varying degrees of fidelity and success. In fact, #! expands the kinds of successes that code-based poetry can achieve.


Book Review: Cutting Time with a Knife

In the way that Eliot’s essay is a kind of periodic table, a structure that can both account for current and anticipate future development or discovery of new elements, Michael Leong’s Cutting Time with a Knife functions as quasi-historical and predictive matrix of possibilities.


Book Review: Mr. West

In Mr. West, Blake attempts a conversation with myth, trying to navigate and break down the barriers that surround the construction of persona using Kanye West as a vehicle and a mirror for the concept of humanity.


Book Review: The Things I Heard About You

In the poems that comprise The Things I Heart About You, being able to see the speaker’s faults, failures, and attempts to crystallize their position on what they choose to communicate allows the “mistaken,” and the inexact, to remain visible.

The Source

Book Review: The Source

Part catechism, part scripture, and part parable, The Source serves the larger purpose of becoming an odd type of creation story that uses text to redefine the role and creation of texts.


Book Review: Shut Up Shut Down

Shut Up Shut Down is not a set of narratives that wish to ameliorate or downplay conditions, but to expose and educate about the day-to-day struggles of many Americans who find themselves difficult economic positions.