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IMPROMPTU #22: Nick Montfort

Thirty-five years ago, it was extremely simple to develop small programs combining computing and language — you could type one in within seconds of flipping the computer on. It’s a bit surprising to me, given such a starting point, that literary art hasn’t really extended itself into new, exciting, computational territory the way that architecture has.

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IMPROMPTU #19: Michael Leong

When we speak of “translation” we usually refer to the process of turning a text that is written in one language into another language. But if we think about translation more broadly, we can imagine a diverse range of experimental processes that can spark new writing.

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IMPROMPTU #18: Amaranth Borsuk

Sometimes erasure is an end in itself, but sometimes it’s a beginning, a starting point for collecting a Robert Smithson-like “Heap of Language” from which to construct poems. In that spirit, I’m providing a few prompts for collecting words.

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IMPROMPTU #17: Jeff Griffin

It has been helpful to turn to this prompt, utilizing language from other poetry that I love, but altering it in a way to come up with alternative words and syntactical arrangements that I could never dream up on my own.