Special Issue: Bowietry


The Found Poetry Review invites submissions of poems sourced from and inspired by David Bowie for a special tribute issue.

Submissions Deadline: February 14, 2016

David Bowie was a man of many talents, projects, and faces—a virtuosity only matched by his curiosity; we’ve only got to look at his list of influential books to simultaneously feel awe at his interests and shame for not being nearly as well read. Influenced by, as he commented during a 2002 interview, “things like the kabuki theater in Japan and German expressionist movies and poetry by Baudelaire and…everything from Presley to Edith Piaf,” he had broad tastes, but very particular sensibilities. It’s no surprise that at least one poet would show up in his list as, in addition to the many different roles he played, Bowie was also a poet. And he is a major influence on us.

Among the many sentiments that fans shared upon hearing of his passing, a clip emerged in which the Thin White Duke detailed his use of the “cut-up,” a foundational method for found poets like us. Bowie commented that it was an orphic engine for him, a mystic form of composition—”Western Tarot,” in his words—a process which “seemed it would predict a lot of things about the future, and would tell me a lot about the past.”

Though he was fascinated by the past, it is more his sense of the looking-past that we will remember, his ability to see that, as he told Terry Gross, “everything is rubbish, and all rubbish is wonderful.” Give us the results of your exploration of rubbish, the wonderful, and other oddities sourced from David Bowie-related texts, so that we may find just a little more future in his words yet.



Compose a poem using the cut-up, erasure, remix or other method and a David Bowie-related source text(s) of your choosing. Your poem can be sourced from the words/lyrics of Bowie himself, the words of others about Bowie, the texts of film scripts, or any other sources that serve your tribute.

Don’t have a source in mind? Here are some sources to get started: 

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