Poetry Prompt: Santas Wanted

Mall Santa Clausjpg

The end of the year brings an influx of seasonal employment opportunities and, come December, you can’t get much more seasonal than Santa. Every mall, shopping center and photo studio needs its own supply of Santas ready to scare young children, smile for photo ops and learn what presents parents are going to be battling in the aisles to nab.

For those malls who didn’t get a Santa directly from the North Pole, they’re forced to take a more traditional hiring route: by posting a job ad. This week, we invite you to craft a found poem from language sourced in job ads for Santa. While a search for “Santa” on any job site will surface some source material, here are a few sample listings to get you started:

  • The Noerr Programs Corporation wants a Santa who will be sure his/her hands are visible at all times.
  • Historic Hotel Bethlehem seeks a professional Santa Claus with proficiency in Open Table software.
  • Kalahari Resort & Conventions in the Pocono Mountains is searching for a “Director of Christmas Operations” to manage a fleet of magical reindeer and maintain effective communication and liaison with other influential children and holiday icons such as the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Frosty.
  • Nordstorm in Tacoma, WA, wants its Santa to be a proactive, solution-oriented problem solver.

Post your poem — or a link to the poem on your blog — in the comment section below.

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