Poetry Prompt: Wonkapoem

Willy Wonka

Stars of the 1971 film, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory recently reunited on the Today show to celebrate the film’s 44th anniversary. For this week’s prompt, take inspiration from Mr. Wonka himself by crafting a candy-inspired poem. Visit the Candy Wrapper Archive (yes, there truly is a website for everything) and craft a poem from words you find on the wrappers. A sampling of candy wrappers from the archive can be found below.  Post your poem (or a link to it) in the comments section below.


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  • November 12, 2015

    Ellie Bozmarova

    I dream of being tastefully blended
    into a fine flavored candy woman
    but I don’t have the processing material
    or the physique for such things.

    derived from tonka bean,
    that’s me.

    I’m from French Guiana where Devil’s Island
    (a penal colony replacing indigenous land holdings),
    built itself up brick by brick, leaving a fresh hay scent.

    Back then, Kali’na women wore colorful scarves
    on their sweating backs to harvest ingredients
    for what was it called? “Candy”. I was on a
    2 oz chocolate highline to Hollywood.

    In 1950 despite my pithy interior and lack of arms,
    I could have won a toy rocket gyro (whatever that is)
    for sending in my address and proof of purchase,
    or a t-shirt with red sails painted on,
    or three big, burly bears, as long as
    I didn’t ask, why three? It would have been difficult, you see
    because I have no t-shirt size and no concept of space.
    In 1994 Payday offered a trip to Tasmania! Though
    I confess I still don’t know why they deemed it
    a “nutty” place.

    Today children dream of a soy lecithin-free past
    and I weep bitterly beside them, a useless wrinkly bean,
    wishing I could go on a temporal orbit back
    to my days of glory, to the good old days,
    450 years after Columbus
    stole a canoe from some
    sunburnt cacao farmers
    and discovered chocolate.