Poetry Prompt: We Ask Questions


This post is part of a series of weekly found poetry prompts. If you have an idea for a found poetry source, email Senior Poetry Editor Beth Ayer

This week’s prompt takes after some of the prompts in the Remixing category of FPR’s National Poetry Month project, PoMoSco. The Interrogator badge asks PoMoSco participants to write a poem using the questions found in a source text of their choosing (Doug Luman’s Questions tool is helpful for this.). The Blender badge calls for entering text into the Lazarus Text Mixing Desk and using the output to write a poem.

So, to experiment with the tools and prompts of PoMoSco, here is a prompt mashup in five steps:

  1. I’ve been watching Twin Peaks recently (and I’m only 25 years late). With an FBI agent as central character, interrogation is a necessary part of the series. So for my own amusement, the script of the Twin Peaks pilot episode is your source text this week. As Agent Cooper says: “Here’s how this works. We ask questions, and you answer only the questions that we ask. Briefly and to the point.”
  2. Select as much or as little of the script as you wish (enough to include a variety of text including dialogue) and paste it into the Questions tool to generate a selection of text including questions only. Select up to five questions from the tool’s output (even one is okay).
  3. Select text from the episode script again (the same segment or different), and this time paste it into the Text Mixing Desk. Adjust the controls and click “start the mix.”
  4. Using the Text Mixing Desk output, craft answers to the questions you have selected. Remix and re-order text as needed, and define “answers” as you wish.
  5. Craft all of this together as a poem. Share the results!



  • April 2, 2015

    Mandy Mikulencak


    Complete all your forensics?
    Yes. No. Maybe.

    No key yet, huh?
    I hate asparagus.

    You ever been surprised before?
    We’ll both find out.

    If you didn’t take them, who did?
    Grow up.

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  • April 3, 2015

    Rose K.

    What is it?
    He’s about to cast tell him to get his butt up

    What’ve we got?
    A big V-8 her thirties, wearing a silk negligee, lying on the log raft

    You want forensics first?
    Let’s go driving Harley’s ride into view, Seven Young.

    [Examiner, a tall, distinguished gray-haired man of don’t say a word to anybody till wagon pulls up alongside.]

    (staring at the body)

    Who is she?
    Giovanna Packard, wearing a coat over “21”,bruised, broken and lifeless wearing black leather jackets.

    Is this gonna happen every damn time?

    [ lost in a dreamy state of mind.]