Poetry Prompt: Thoughts on Art


This post is part of a series of weekly found poetry prompts. If you have an idea for a found poetry source, email Senior Poetry Editor Beth Ayer.

We view entertainment, take photos, and even get our news as part of a collective community. Inspired by this idea, POSSIBLE and MoMA set out to democratize the conversation around art and meaning, and invite everyone to have their say.

ART/140, a joint effort between the creative agency POSSIBLE and the Museum of Modern Art, asks web viewers to “share what you think about art.” The ART/140 website instructs users to choose one of the listed works of art and tweet what they think about it. Comments on Painterly Architectonic by Lyubov Popova range from simply “linoleum” to “Pile of Broken Glass in a Sunset on Mars.” I think you now know where I’m going with this.

Your task:

Peruse the lists of tweets for each work of art listed on the website. Remix into a poem. Share the poem in the comments here. Also, why not join the experiment? (Do so by following the ART/140 instructions and tweeting).


top image: ART 140 website


  • March 20, 2014

    Lewis Oakwood

    Umberto Boccioni. Dynamism of a Soccer Player. 1913.

    The Player

    Movement –
    physical and emotional
    (sensorial experience)

  • March 20, 2014

    Lewis Oakwood

    Lyubov Popova. Painterly Architectonic. 1917.


    The composition,
    colors, textures
    and shapes –

  • March 20, 2014

    Lewis Oakwood

    Vincent Van Gogh. The Starry Night. 1889.


    swirling, fluid –
    personal notions
    of endless

    ~ ~ ~

    Gustav Klimt. Hope, II. 1907-08.


    sophisticated commentary,
    cultural ties
    heavy and suffocating
    yet weirdly human –
    built upon a skeleton of
    throughout generations

    ~ ~ ~

  • March 20, 2014

    Lewis Oakwood

    Paul Gauguin. The Seed of the Areoi. 1892.

    The Seed

    of us, nature
    naked body –
    this bounty

    ~ ~ ~

    Henri Rousseau. The Sleeping Gypsy. 1897.


    coat of many colours.

    all on this planet.

    anything can happen

    ~ ~ ~

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  • March 21, 2014

    margo roby

    The Serpent is Holding the Paintbrush

    dreams can seem more real than life
    bare arms and bare legs
    sleep under the stars in the desert
    where serenity and menace intersect

    the full moon gives off light
    keep one eye open
    your dreams will devour you as you sleep

    an ecstatic pinwheel of colliding color
    kaleidoscopic sources of light
    a moving form struggling
    an origami flower of movement
    unfolding discovering exploring
    tangled complex beauty

    her eyes look blank and empty

    this is what nightmares are made of

    from Boccioni, Gaughin, Rousseau

  • March 22, 2014

    Jody Rich

    Adrenaline & Testosterone Battle to the Death

    What could be perceived as chaos, rumpled and restless,
    kinetic and alive, yet to unfold. The wonderfulness of a feverish pitch,

    spinning wild. This is the feeling of a long day at work:
    pistons, legs, elbows, arms, joints, and it is scary. Violent. Fast. Strong.

    Movement. Demonic coiled energy, like a pulsating zodiac sign,
    like a crumpled rainbow, crayons caught in a fan belt, an ecstatic pinwheel.

    Danger is in bloom, and hope. The explosive liveliness of a jazz drummer
    on a fast moving train, about to reach the 5/8 rhythm he has been looking for

    all his life.

    Source: Tweets responding to Umberto Boccioni’s ‘Dynamism of a Soccer Player.’ 1913.

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  • March 22, 2014

    Jody Rich

    Wanderlust and Immense

    We live in those nights,
    travelers visited by our own unconscious gift:
    the courage to face our fears, accepting vulnerability:

    who is afraid of whom? The bright moon, mystical, serene–
    is she also dreaming?

    One could sleep with bare arms, bare legs,
    and the fear of forgetting
    anything can happen. Dreams will devour you.

    [Source: Tweets responding to Henri Rousseau’s The Sleeping Gypsy. 1897.]