Poetry Prompt: Ode to Skymall


This post is part of a series of weekly found poetry prompts. If you have an idea for a found poetry source, email Senior Poetry Editor Beth Ayer

Last night I dreamed about flying an airplane through an enormous outer space mall…

And today, I read reports of the in-flight magazine SkyMall filing for bankruptcy. As inevitable and unsurprising as this news may be, we at FPR will be sad to see this in-flight poetry feast disappear. Skymall has been a perennial favorite piece of source material for FPR staff over the years, and a frequent topic among the FPR crowd on Facebook. I would argue that SkyMall is not only popular for its joyfully superfluous offerings (served to an audience both captive and anxious), but also for its over-the-top copy. No other in-flight magazine contains so much “elegance” or so many exclamation points.

One of my favorite items is the One Of A Kind Shirt. More great memories here. And just for (more) fun, here is a pretty great parody.

Prompt: Whether or not you are flying in the next week or so, help us create a tribute to the almighty SkyMall. Here are several options for doing so:

  1. Write a poem sourced from an actual copy of SkyMall.
  2. Share a poem you have written in the past from SkyMall in the comments.
  3. Write a poem from the SkyMall website (I KNOW! It’s just not the same).

Please share your found poems in the comments. SkyMall, we will miss you!


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  • January 26, 2015

    George McKim

    Here are a few “found” Skyku poems, culled from the luxurious pages of the illiterary magazine SkyMall, that I wrote on my flight from Raleigh to Dallas. Enjoy.

    Skyku #2

    affirmation box
    every time the lid is open
    a shifting, dancing silence

    Skyku #3

    red is the voice
    that widens or narrows, that
    provides light for autumn

    Skyku #5

    soaring above
    the removable blue,
    the urn and plinth

    Skyku #6a

    swooping to protect
    gardens and yards everywhere
    polyresin wiener dog

    Skyku #6b

    captured in mid flight
    with matching cape and mask
    CG7583D $39.95

    Skyku #7

    accept life as it is;
    squirrels behaving badly,
    a box of laughter

    Skyku #8

    the sun’s rays
    hang outside your window
    like blood swelling in the skin

    Skyku #9

    this is the machine
    that barks during nightime hours
    New York, NY

    Skyku #10

    behaving badly
    in your Star Trek pajamas
    she’ll love your sad music