Poetry Prompt: My First Picture Book

images from children's stories

This post is part of a series of weekend found poetry prompts. If you have an idea for a found poetry source, email Senior Poetry Editor Beth Ayer.

Gutenberg.org has a collection of children’s books in the public domain. For this prompt, refer to My First Picture Book by Joseph Martin Kronheim (1810-1896). Here’s what we envision you doing, but you may devise your own approach:

1. Scroll down through the alphabet section and select some words. Eight, say.

2. Arrange them randomly or in the order of your choosing.

3. Move to the illustrated story sections, and pull individual words and short phrases free form in order to fill in the lines of your poem.


Now the Giant, who had been drinking much wine, was fast asleep




Finding Little Bo-Peep asleep, the tiresome fellow began by standing on his hind legs and making a great bow to his shadow


Browse the text over at Project Gutenberg. Feel free to share your resulting found poem in the comments or submit to an upcoming issue.


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