Poetry Prompt: If I Could Turn Back Time

Time Warp

You might not be Cher, but you can still explore what you’d do if you could turn back time by participating in this week’s poetry prompt.

To start, choose a text with a sequence — something like a diary, a travel narrative or a series of letters. If you’re stuck for examples, try:

Next, hop over to TextMechanic and input your text into the Reverse Text Generator. Click the “Reverse Wording” button to reorder your text from back to front.  Craft a poem by excerpting words from the result, in the order that they appear in your reversed text.

Post your resulting poem — or a link to your poem on your blog — in the comment section below.


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  • November 24, 2015

    Carol A Stephen

    This is not on my blog, but I will post it here. I used the reverse generator on a very clunky first draft of a poem that was getting weighed down by too much “fact”. After I edited the result down, I flipped the title back up to the beginning…

    1942, War of Remnants

    Sea flooding the reclaimed mines,
    water-world surrendered lives to artifact.

    Sea and plankton host the sinking shore,
    carried the sinking fleet—

    the cripple-war ships impede
    Newfoundland of coast.

    Lurking boats that sunk,
    ships’ grave rest.

    Saganaga and Strathcona, Lord of barrels,
    gun the corridors in cluster anemones

    Carol A. Stephen
    November 24, 2015