Poetry Prompt: Debate Remix

carter and ford debate

The lead up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election is in full swing, and along with election season comes a series of “discussions between people in which they express different opinions about something” (Merriam-Webster).

In honor of this year of rhetorical  hoopla, we invite you to turn to debate transcripts (or write as you watch) and write poems using the words therein.

Some ideas for approaching this prompt:

  • Pull from both the recent democratic debate and the republican debate; remix them together.
  • Choose a source text that is not a debate at all. Write a poem in the form of a debate.
  • Keep an eye on the debate schedule and use those upcoming debates as source texts.
  • Erase, remix, recontextualize, or otherwise repurpose the debate language to create poetry that is of politics, but not about politics.
  • Take a look at the transcripts from historic debates and use one of those as your source text.


Photo: public domain

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