National Poetry Month – 30 Days of Found Poetry

Man in red t-shirt and jeans sits on a table reading the newspaper.

Photo (c) Sander Spolspoel. Click to visit his site.

In recognition of National Poetry Month, The Found Poetry Review will post one found poetry prompt every day on its Twitter account beginning April 1.

According to the Academy of American Poets:

National Poetry Month is now held every April, when publishers, booksellers, literary organizations, libraries, schools and poets around the country band together to celebrate poetry and its vital place in American culture. Thousands of businesses and non-profit organizations participate through readings, festivals, book displays, workshops, and other events.

We invite you to follow us on Twitter and write poems in response to our daily prompts. Please feel free to share your found poems with us in the comments section below or on Twitter.

And don’t forget — we have an open call for submissions through June 30. If you like what you’ve written in response to one of our April prompts, consider submitting it for consideration for our summer issue.