IMPROMPTU #8: Harold Abramowitz

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Abramowitz - PictureMuch of my work focuses on trauma.  In my work, I attempt to use innovative narrative and poetic techniques and forms to work around the felt experience of trauma.  For example, my book Dear Dearly Beloved consists of a series of love letters in which the narrator tries, and fails, and tries again, to make sense of an incredible loss. In my novella Not Blessed, an unmentioned public trauma—war—disintegrates a shifting narrator, as he idealizes an idyllic childhood memory that cannot possibly be true.  My hope is that my work will challenge the reader to rethink—both emotionally and intellectually—our relationships to what we believe we know.

Write something you cannot remember: a memory of something – a story, an anecdote, a song, another poem, a recipe, an episode of a television program, anything, that you only partially or imperfectly remember. Write multiple versions, at least 6, of this memory.

Harold Abramowitz is a writer and editor from Los Angeles. His books include Blind Spot (forthcoming, 2016), Man’s Wars And Wickedness: A Book of Proposed Remedies & Extreme Formulations for Curing Hostility, Rivalry, & Ill-Will (with Amanda Ackerman, forthcoming, 2016), UNFO Burns A Million Dollars (with Amanda Ackerman), Not Blessed, and Dear Dearly Departed. He has contributed, alone and collaboratively, to various publications and anthologies. Harold co-edits the short-form literary press eohippus labs ( and writes and edits as part of the collaborative projects, SAM OR SAMANTHA YAMS and UNFO.