Guest Poet: Carolee Sherwood

Carolee SherwoodAs we prepare for our debut issue to be released this summer, we will use this section of the site to spotlight poets who are writing and publishing found poetry on their own blogs and web sites.

We are pleased to present Carolee Sherwood as our first guest poet. Carolee is a painter, mixed media artist and poet living in Southern Rensselaer County, a rural and agricultural area within New York’s Capital Region. She has roots in Northern Maine, where she was born and raised, and in West Virginia, the college “home among the hills” where she received an undergraduate degree in journalism.

Her poetry is published locally and nationally and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She is a freelance writer and a reviewer for Poets’ Quarterly. For three years, she was part of the creative team that produced Read Write Poem, and she now co-manages the online poetry community called Big Tent Poetry. She is the “almost” Poet Laureate of Smitty’s Tavern in Voorheesville, New York, placing as first runner-up in the inaugural contest (April 2010).

Learn more about Carolee on her web site.

I think I’ll go make a video about Ivan the Terrible

Twitter stream from PCMag’s “100 people you should follow on Twitter”

I am suffering from a flu-like illness.
I think I’ll go make a video about Ivan the Terrible:

The Reality And Its Beauty,
Your Illicit Tethering,
Strange Performances of Star Trek Theme Music,
My Period Synching up with the Super Moon.

I just had lunch with @Lawrence O’Donnell from MSNBC,
I told him you thought he was a douche,
a hoax spread by the undereducated on the underinformed.
Turns out nobody gives a shit when I walk around town
with a shiny sheriff’s badge pinned to my cardigan.

My FB page has become a battleground for rival Bahrain forces.
I can barely watch myself long enough to shave.

Jack isn’t allowed to have a public account because
he’s a sort of rack-stretched demented bloodfraggle.
Reminds you of The Blasted, Lunar Hellscape That Is Your Life.

My Lucy is back in the hospital. With cancer.
My heart is breaking. So much for Gadhafi’s ceasefire.
Willie Nelson helps us make it through the night.
So do something about it, slappy. Pray For Japan.
Get A Robot Assistant. Vote on Wonder Woman’s New Look!
Blimey – these are really momentous times.

It’s unbelievable Obama doesn’t like beets.
Seriously, that’s not right.

If the pizza industry ever collapses,
pepperoni manufacturers are fucked.

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