Found Poetry News and Resources: March 6, 2013


NewspaperThis is the first post in what will be a regular series of weekly updates recapping found poetry news, resources and examples. If you come across something you think might be a good fit here, email Editor-in-Chief Jenni B. Baker at

  • We officially announced our 2013 National Poetry Month initiative, Pulitzer Remix. Check out the press release here and tweet about it on Twitter using the hashtag #pulitzerremix. If you maintain a blog or of a member of the media, we would love to talk to you about promoting the project.

  • Check out an excerpt from Shane Rhodes’ essay on contemporary found poetry from the Winter 2013 issue of Arc Poetry Magazine.“Why create anything new when you can copy what already exists, add some poetic flair, a bit of postmodern intellect, and publish? Why waste your time honing the fine inefficiencies of surprising vocabulary and metaphors for a poem few will read when a search algorithm can probably do it better and quicker? Why try to do something new when you can have so much fun with what is already out there?”

  • Patrick T. Reardon compares photo books to found poetry in his book review of Bob Thall’s “City Spaces: Photographs of Chicago Alleys.”

  • Is this the greatest erasure poem ever? You be the judge.


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  • March 7, 2013


    In my opinion, that *is* the greatest erasure poem ever. Thanks!