Finders Keepers: Unbelievable

Donald Trump

The Poetry of Donald Trump

Enjoy the poetry of Antonin Scalia? How about the verse of Donald Rumsfeld? The next contender for best unintentional bard is, of course, Donald Trump. Philip Bump has composed Trumpisms into haiku over at the Washington Post.

My whole energy —
who cares? We do a building.
It doesn’t mean anything.

Remixing the Dictionary

Author Jez Burrows is writing very short stories by using example sentences from the New Oxford American Dictionary. Color us jazzed! You can follow Dictionary Stories on Tumblr and hear an interview with the author here. About his process, Burrows says:

It’s a lot of trolling through the dictionary blindly and cherry picking sentences that seem interesting or ones that might have some sort of narrative weight.

Blackout Poetry in Toronto

Live in or around Toronto or plan on being there at the end of this month? If so, don’t miss The Word On The Street Toronto Festival on September 27th, where FPR friend and poet Greg Santos will be teaming up with Vallum Magazine to run a blackout poetry workshop.

Participants will use markers to cross out words on sheets of newspaper. The words left over become the poem. This activity illustrates James Tate’s remark: ‘Poetry is everywhere; it just needs editing.’

Vote for the Fourth Annual Walrus Poetry Prize

FPR poet and friend Debra Bennett’s poem “Onakawana” has been shortlisted for The Walrus Magazine poetry prize. Vote for her in the Reader’s Choice competition over at The Walrus before October 1.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

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