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By News & Resources Editor Martin Elwell. Send me your found poetry news.

Poem Begets Meme

If memes existed in the mid-20th Century, William Carlos Williams would surely have propagated a few. Alas, WCW passed away before the age of the internet, but he left at least one poem to help future generations go viral. Find out more here.

It all adds up to a poem inadvertently perfect for replication on social media. And then comes the fact that it is a weirdo confession about compulsive overeating — that is, catnip for the #millennials on the #netz. “The original poem plays on that ironic difference between something formally arranged as a piece of verbal art and its status as a quick, impetuous note to confess this domestic sin,” Feinsod said. And thus it has taken hold.

Reading the Experiment

FPR’s Jenni B. Baker and Douglas Luman have set off on a marathon of reading to help support Les Figues press. Not only are they fundraising for an important literary journal for experimental writing, they are also promoting several works of experimental writing along the way. Check out their team page, follow along, and donate here. After making my “Figues Head” level donation, I think Jenni should read Star Wars: Champions of the Force. Any other requests? You have 5 days left to get them in.

While literary journals have embraced innovative pieces, the number of established publishers willing to take a chance on full-length experimental manuscripts are still relatively few and far between. As a poet working in the craft of erasure and experimental poetry, I am dedicated to seeing the work of Les Figues continue through the rest of this year and beyond. 

Theory of the Dirty-Sphere

DirtySpeaking of experimental writing, I came across Preliminary Materials for Any Theory. From there, things got weird. I chose Jack Kerouac, Dirty, Sphere, The Hamburglar, She and He. What will be the building blocks for your theory?

Retaking the offensive for our side is a matter o fmaking the battle field manifest. The figure of the Dirty-Sphere is a vision machine conceived to this effect. Some will use it to account for the massive character of hostile occupation forces in our existences; others, more vigorous, will use it to determine the speed and direction of their progression. By what each individual does with her we can see what he deserves.

Feature Image: William Carlos Williams at home. Photograph: Lisa Larsen/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Image

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