Finders Keepers: The Dandy


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The Dandy

FFMugLast week, I stumbled across one of the most interesting blog posts I’ve read in the past six months. If you’ve followed the rise of Metamodernism in contemporary art, forget Shia LaBeouf. The blueprint was provided by early-20th-century French critic Félix Fénéon. In his post, David-Baptiste Chirot: Félix Fénéon, Conceptual Poetry, & the Animated Other (Redux), at Poems and Poetics, Jerome Rothenberg excerpts the writing of David-Baptiste Chirot on Félix Fénéon. In these excerpts, we find a French artist whose works “are not written objects per se, but anonymous actions, ephemeral pseudonymous ‘appearances in print,’ and the works of others which he affects a passage for in his editorship and translations, in his promoting and selling the art works of others.” We find a fascinating description of the “‘conceptual framework’ [that] becomes… ‘silence’ as a poet, and…instead [a] ‘life of action.'”

Speaking of Celebrities

FrancoSpeaking of celebrities, NYULocal recently made a found poem out of James Franco’s essays. Calling the poem a “ManiFranco,” Adam Cecil attempts to create what a James Franco artistic manifesto might look like. Get star-struck here

#BHRoast – An Erasure

BHRemember that roast where only, like, the 16 people seem to know Joe Killiany, much less his footwear tendencies? I’ve heard gossip of Barrelhouse hooking up an ADULT man to Google search as an excuse to drink good writing and random Whitesnake lyrics. Terrible appropriation is kinda like taking the joy out of 2004! I’m still alive on stale crackers, frosting, my copy of Barrelhouse 12 and The View.

Bot or Not

BotThink you can spot poetry written by a computer? Check out Bot or Not. This website gives you a poem and asks you to choose whether it was written by a computer or a human. It’s harder than it sounds. Give it a try! Shout out if you make the leaderboard.



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