Finders Keepers: Surveillance Poetics


By News & Resources Editor Martin Elwell. Send me your found poetry news.

Who’s reading your documents? Who’s claiming ownership of your content? What is surveillance poetry? Recently at The Believer, Andrew Ridker, editor of Privacy Policy: The Anthology of Surveillance Poetics, talked with poets Andrew Durbin and Ben Fama about these and other questions. To top it all off, Dorothea Lasky created an erasure poem from their conversation. Check it all out here.

On a personal note, if the NSA is out there reading my stuff, I hope they like it. A retweet now and then would be nice.

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  • August 2, 2014

    Lewis Oakwood

    Words taken and rearranged from ‘On Surveillance Poetics’ posted at The Believer to compose the poem – ‘Keywords.’



    Surveillance opens up
    some questions about
    the intersection
    of art and politics
    – overlapping interests –
    the artistic practice itself,
    complicit in reproducing
    copy –
    /subject; all-inclusive/
    a narrative,
    studying the language
    a slick mosaic live streamed
    out of nostalgia –
    a large flag draped over
    a hypothetical future
    more or less controlled
    fictionalizing its reality
    ideas might achieve that expectation
    (conceived of)
    is the crux of the matter
    of the contemporary social experience
    functions of human interaction.