Finders Keepers: Snail Mail


Mail Me Some Art

MMSAWant to go old school and swap found poetry with another artist via snail mail? Check out Mail Me Some Art. They currently have a slew of erasures, blackout poems and cut outs on display. Here’s the scoop: The swaps on the site are open to everyone. They focus mainly on paper-based swaps with a quick turnaround time (such as postcards, ATCs, tags, inchies, etc). All styles of art and all levels of experience are welcome. There is no formal sign-up process. Just send your item by the date listed for each swap. All of the swaps that are currently open are listed on the “open swaps” page. Get swapping!

Calls for Submissions

RecMagLooking for somewhere to submit your found poetry? Here are a couple of ideas: First, the Found Poetry Review is currently accepting submissions for Issue 8 and for Lá Bloom: Found Poetry from Ulysses. Also, Reconnaissance Magazine is on the hunt for found work for its third issue. They are accepting found art, photographs, film, objects, or arrangements and found prose, poetry, notes, memos, lists, and journal entries.

How to Write

HTWNeed a fresh perspective on writing with found language? Check out Derek Beaulieu’s How to Write.How to Write is a perverse Coles Notes: a paradigm of prosody where writing as sampling, borrowing, cutting-and-pasting and mash-up meets literature. This collection of conceptual short fiction takes inspiration from Lautréamont’s decree that ‘plagiarism is necessary. It is implied in the idea of progress. It clasps the author’s sentence tight, uses his expressions, eliminates a false idea, replaces it with the right idea.'”


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