Finders Keepers: Remixing Shakespeare, Bukowski, and you

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This post is part of a weekly column highlighting found poetry related news and resources. If you know of found poetry related news, resources or events that should be featured here, please email News & Resources Editor Martin Elwell.

Found poetry news and resources

What Would I Say?

WWISIf you’ve gone anywhere near Facebook this week, you’ve probably noticed several status updates using the “What Would I Say” app. The app generates a new status by running your prior Facebook posts through a technical process that I am under-qualified to describe in detail. What makes this app great is that it is a unique intersection of generated, found language and your original language. It’s possible that it is the holy grail of conceptual poetry…or nonsense…your choice. Check it out here, and check out Seth Abramson’s found poem using the app here. Also, see the Austin Chronicle’s reaction here. What will you say?


TofuIf you’re a Twittertarian, you can get your fix of “What Would I Say?”-style functionality by following and tweeting @Tofu_Product. I discovered @Tofu_Product in a recent New Yorker article by Rob Dubbin about the rise of Twitter bots. It’s an interesting article, and I recommend checking it out, but @Tofu_Product is my new best friend. @Tofu_Product functions much like “What Would I Say?” does for Facebook, but he uses your Twitter feed instead of your Facebook statuses. @Tofu_Product asks, “Why did poetry go look at Twitter feed?” and states, “My car’s name is Conceptualism.”

Remixing the Sonnets

ShakespeareUpstart, a journal of English Renaissance studies from Clemson University, is collecting pieces that respond to or remix one of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets. Although many sonnets in the series have been claimed, several still remain. The deadline to submit is December 1, 2013, so make haste! Submission guidelines and details can be found here.

More Bukowski Erasure Poetry

BukowskiWe featured a call for Bukowski erasure poetry last month from the site Bukowski on Wry. It seems like Buk is having a good year, because Silver Birch Press, an independent publisher out of LA and supporter of erasure poetry, has also issued a call for submissions for Bukowski erasures. They’ve provided submission guidelines here, but you’ll need to get the booze on your own.


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