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By News & Resources Editor Martin Elwell. Send me your found poetry news.

Found poetry is popping up all around! Here are some examples that caught my eye in recent weeks. Did I miss something? Add it to the comments or email me for a future post!

Moby Dick on Toast


This week, The Toast featured “Enveloped in whale-lines,” a poem by Michalle Gould. The poem “incorporates” phrases from the classic novel Moby Dick.

here is a rifled heart, half-unhinged,
by the visible absence of the whale;
bare words and facts cannot sustain
his vision of that beast, twice risen
to the surface

11 Accidental Poems

Previously, I posted about Poetweet, a program that turns tweets into poetry. Well, Upstart Business Journal decided to have a little fun with tweets of some famous entrepreneurs. Check out the results here!

We had some fun with Poetweet, generating poetry from the Twitter accounts of famous entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who actively tweet. The results were often surprisingly apt. Indeed, we’re thinking Box’s Aaron Levie could probably make a second career doing readings of poems based on his Twitter feed.

Familiar Faces

Here are some found poems recently published by FPR contributors:

Cari Oleskewicz’s poem Highway in Blotterature Literary Magazine

Eugenia Hepworth Petty’s poem it was like godzilla going through the woods in Cascadia Review

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