Finders Keepers: Meet Your Maker


Poets are makers. And often as makers we create work by interacting with things we hear, materials we find, and subjects we cross. See makers making, and participate as you are moved!

Random Acts of Poetry Day: October 7th

TweetSpeak Poetry prompts us to celebrate poetry on the first Wednesday in October by “painting poetry in the public sphere.” What does that look like to you? Public texts turned poems? Interactive collaborative writing? Whatever it is, @tspoetry asks that you share at #raopoetryday on Twitter and Instagram.

Random Acts of Poetry Day is about painting poetry in the public square, either literally or figuratively. Chalk your poem onto the sidewalk, leave one on a subway seat, pin one onto your local grocery store board.

Poet and “Mad Scientist” Christian Bök

Quill & Quire featured an interview with Christian Bök, author of Eunonia and  The Xenotext, Book I, calling him “the mad scientist of Canadian poetry.”In Xenotext, Bök

…decided to teach a bacterium to read poetry. Literally…Inspired by the work of Pak Chung-Wong and his team of scientists at the Pacific Northwestern National Laboratory in Richland, Washington, who managed to encipher the lyrics to the Walt Disney ditty “It’s a Small World” into a bacterium and then recuperate the message after several generations of reproduction, Bök decided to try something similar with an original poem.

Bök “hopes this project will give other poets permission to be “a bit more extravagant” in the way they approach their work.”

Check out the interview and read our own review of Xenotext.

Oulipost broadside

Petite Hound Press Issue 14 features a broadside of an Oulipost poem by Kelly Nelson. About the press:

Twice a month we publish a piece of writing paired deliberately with a work of visual art. The two are never created by the same person. It is, however, likely that you’ll find them all tangled up within these virtual sheets that we’ve come to know as the Internet.

Image by Bob West

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