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By News & Resources Editor Martin Elwell. Send me your found poetry news.

Text Files

Are you a fan of the 1980s? Do you love hair sprayed bangs, acid washed jeans and rewinding VHS tapes? Do you remember writing research papers on the tiny green screen of your mom’s word processor? What about the time you puked all over yourself in fifth grade math? Remember that? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you may also enjoy remixing, erasing or puking on text files from the 1980s. Get some at while supplies last!


Poetry Generators

GeneratorAre you tired of just staring at all those old text files from the 1980s taking up a tiny amount of space on your gigantic hard drive? Sick of spending hours and hours pressing the delete key only to end up with a poem that you’re not even sure works? Head to now and use one of their poetry generators to turn those boring old text files into incredible new poems! That’s not all! Click here NOW and receive a free article featuring five [easy] ways to approach poetry generation (a $20 value, yours FREE!)

Found, The Musical

Here’s a musical about the start of Found Magazine, with much of the material taken from found texts. While I usually don’t sing and dance, I’d like to volunteer Jenni B. Baker, Douglas Luman and Beth Ayer to star in a musical about the start of The Found Poetry Review. YouTube here we come!


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  • […] Found poetry is often associated with experimental poetry, erasure, and free verse. But (as we saw during our Oulipost project in April 2014) it can also be created using traditional forms as poetic constraints. This week, choose one of the many forms of poetry (other than free verse!) and write a poem in that form using a found text. If you do not have a source text in mind, refer to the suggested source texts below (from—a compilation of texts from the 80s suggested this week by Marty). […]