Finders Keepers: In Other News

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This post is part of a weekly column highlighting found poetry related news and resources. If you know of found poetry related news, resources or events that should be featured here, please email News & Resources Editor Martin Elwell.

NaPoMo Found Poetry

IdeaBoxWith National Poetry Month in full effect, here are a couple of places where you can participate in found poetry related activities: For the month of April, the “Idea Box”, a 19′ x 13′ space that provides a new and dynamic participatory community experience at Oak Park Public Library in Illinois, will be dedicated to found poetry. The library has already posted some participant erasures to their Instagram account. Also, at 7pm on Wednesday, April 30th, the Jefferson Library in Oak Ridge, NJ will hold a blackout poetry workshop to close out their National Poetry Month programming.

Bono Cento

KaternickLast week, Extract(s), an online lit mag offered by the folks at Eastern Point Press, featured three poems by Oulipost participant Jen Karetnick. The poems are an excerpt from Karetnick’s book, Prayer of Confession  (Finishing Line Press), and one of the featured poems is a found poem. You can read Karetnick’s cento made from U2 lyrics, “The Festination of U2: A Bono Cento” at


UndefinedFor those of you in the Toronto area, check out UNDEFINED: a night with unfixed limits in art at Wilson 96. Bringing together four conceptual poets, an experimental filmmaker, and music that fits nowhere and everywhere, UNDEFINED is a promising new venue for conceptual and experimental art in Toronto. I wish I could be there!

Ouliposters in the News

Perec-300x300Found Poetry Review‘s Oulipost has hit the half-way point, and so far it has been a beautiful bonanza of experimentation, innovation and creation. The project is reaching beyond the community of participating poets, since poets feature poems on their personal blogs and social media accounts (check out the hashtag #Oulipost, as well as the Oulipost roundup here). Most recently, two Oulipost participants were featured in their local newspaper. You can read about the work of Winston Plowes of the U.K. in the Todmorden News, and you can read about the work of Alaska’s Sara Adams at

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